Trading Week Recap

So another trading week has finished and it was a nice positive one although there wasn’t too much trading activity. I took just the one trade on Thursday which was a long position on Gold and took my total for the month to just 3 trades and +3%.

It’s very important to remember that market conditions throughout the year will vary which means that it will not always be suitable for your particular trading style. What a lot of new traders do in these times is start to tweak their trading plan thinking its ‘broken’ or ‘doesn’t work anymore’ but this ultimately causes more losses in the future and they are left constantly chasing something new and end up losing over time.

Discipline and patience in trading will make you plenty of money over time but is something that takes time to really master. You must be clear on your trading plan and trust the process that the particular criteria you look for will give you an edge over time.

To keep you all as up to date as possible I have create a free telegram group in which i share news, tips and trades throughout the week which can be used in line with your own trading to guide your through the market. Copy the link below in to the app to find it and join 🙂

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After studying and researching, one of the biggest things people struggle with is actually taking that information and putting it into the market in a consistent and profitable manner. This is why I want to give you all the chance to trade live with me!

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