After studying and researching, one of the biggest things people struggle with is actually taking that information and putting it into the market in a consistent and profitable manner. This is why I want to give you all the chance to trade live with me!

During the week I will be hosting webinars for the London/European Open to show you the exact process I use and help you build a watchlist for the trading session ahead. The reason for trading this session is that we typically get the best volume increase and so get some good intraday moves and opportunities. There will also be an interactive chat for you to ask me questions as we go and ensure that you are learning not just blindly following.

Day Trading (Trading the London/ European Open)
45 minutes approx.

*Please note that this schedule is for a typical week but can change if an event or other function is being held. You will always be notified in advance of any changes to the schedule and I will ensure that I provide 3 webinars every week.

*There will also be a Major Pairs video breakdown video posted every Monday in the member’s zone.

To get started trading with me hit the subscribe button and follow the steps. I look forward to seeing you there!