Day Trading Momentum Tip

So I have spoken to a few people recently that have been having trouble when trying to-day trade successfully. While there are many important aspects to learn I feel a key area people struggle with time and time again is identifying the market momentum.

Market momentum is very important for a day trader as you are looking to take advantage of quick moves and that is always going to be more consistent if with the main flow of the market. To do this we must look at various higher timeframes to that in which you are executing on. For me I will look at the Daily, 4hr and 1hr before moving lower to execute any setups.

The example below you will see how all the timeframes I mentioned are down before a breakout trading opportunity the came at the London Open on the 5min chart.

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 18.16.16

By ensuring you always check that all the higher timeframes align you will narrow down to the main pairs that have the best momentum at the time.

Give it a try!

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After studying and researching, one of the biggest things people struggle with is actually taking that information and putting it into the market in a consistent and profitable manner. This is why I want to give you all the chance to trade live with me!

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