The trader Bootcamp is a comprehensive 8-week training programme designed to take your trading to the next level!
Once you have completed the FREE Course we can build from your foundation to take you into more advanced market analysis and dive into the different ways of entering the market to maximise your performance. 
This is an application only process taken every 3 months. Please use the application form to express your interest and you will be contacted shortly after.


Weekly Classes – Streamed Live

Advanced Technical Analysis

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3x Powerful Strategies 

Trade Management Lessons

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After studying and researching, one of the biggest things people struggle with is actually taking that information and putting it into the market in a consistent and profitable manner. This is why I want to give you all the chance to trade live with me!

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Ben is an excellent coach , responds quickly to questions and regularly updates on a daily basis . Ben is extremely knowledgeable.

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