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Ben started his trading journey working at a small fund in London before moving across to work at a number of well-established trading education companies. Having spent many years in the market refining his strategy, Ben is now in the position to assist others looking to learn to trade for themselves or simply manage their capital for them via the eToro platform as a verified popular investor.

Ben’s investing style is a long-term quantitative approach focusing on building a portfolio of value stocks as well as some diversification into other asset classes. For more information on his performance and to see his current holdings please check out his eToro profile.



As part of his promise to always give full transparency, Ben now runs a public eToro profile where all positions and performance are tracked and verified. Not only are all of his results shared here, but Ben also posts regular market updates and commentary to help people navigate markets with their own portfolio.

The link below will take you directly to Ben’s eToro profile where you can track his performance and also copy his portfolio as a verified popular investor on the platform.

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